Wedding in Bali – wedding ceremony cost, best Bali venues

Bali has so many beautiful paces to offer: stunning cliffs views, secret places and destinations, jungles and waterfall areas, spectacular hairpins, beautiful beaches and private chapels. If you don`t know what to choose – write to us.  +84708971314 (tel, viber, whatsapp, telegram)

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Bali ceremony on the beach – 900$
Standard Balinese ceremony costs from – 900$
Bali wedding ceremony on the villa – from 2500 – 3500$
Bali Ceremony on the yacht starts from 3000$

And we would be more than happy to answer your questions and save your time.

When is it better to arrive in Bali for a wedding ceremony?

It seems that it is always summer on this paradise island. However, we often advise NOT to opt for December and January because there are heavy rainfalls in Bali at that time. Since a wedding ceremony is considered to be one of the most important days in life, it is better to schedule holding it for other months.
For more accurate scheduling, contact our consultant. They will be able to advise the best months for visiting Bali.

 Best Bali Venues / Places in Bali

  1. Beach Wedding in Bali: Marry Like a Celebrity
    If you have always been dreaming of getting married like celebrities do, a beachfront ceremony is meant for you. Here, you can get both privacy and tranquility of sea waves, white sand, the blue sky and gorgeous nature around you, and the liveliness of the ceremony, its elegant course and stunning Bali-style decorations.
    We can also recommend the best options for a wedding planner, hotel stay, catering and follow-up activities for you and your guests. You will get your personal professional photographer and pick out music and post-ceremony dishes and drinks up to your preferences. We will assist you at your every step towards happiness and unforgettable memories.

  2. Villa Wedding: Following Your Own WaysBali is a perfect place for a wedding ceremony even if you want to keep your privacy and spend this memorable day with your beloved one and some of your bosom friends only. In this case, your option is getting married at one of the villas in Bali built specifically for this purpose. Each of them is a well-developed setting of luxurious rooms, beautiful gardens and lawns that are perfect for a ceremony of any kind, and a lot of privacy for you and your love.We will help you to make the best choice of a villa for your special day, with a wedding planner and all other important arrangements. You will also be able to pick out the villa up to your dreams and needs as well as up to your financial and social status. Here, you will get all the freedom for this day you have been looking for since your love fairy tale started.

  3. Chapel Wedding in Bali: Tradition Combined with ExoticsIf you are more traditional in your views of a wedding ceremony, but still dream of something romantic, you may think of getting married in one of chapels in Bali. Here, you can get a lot of positive impressions from a well-planned and exciting wedding ceremony in the combination with the unusual environment of glass walls, the breath-taking views outside and the exotic atmosphere of splendor and relaxation.There are over 15 chapels in Bali meant specifically for this purpose, so you do not need to worry about the lack of choice. We will readily help you to make the best one. You will get a wedding planner and all-inclusive package developed just for your personal wants and needs.

  4. Clifftop Resort / Hotel Wedding: Share Your Happiness with the WorldSometimes it seems that our company’s potential of creating a wedding ceremony of a lifetime for you in Bali is limited only by your imagination. We offer the all-inclusive package for all your wishes. So, fancy taking vows on the top of the picturesque hill or cliff surrounded by the mighty waters of the Indian Ocean.And then, your special day will be continued with a private bar or restaurant, spa or cinema, bowling lanes or tennis courts at your disposal. You can get all these impressions at one of the outstanding clifftop resorts or hotels in Bali. And, if you don’t mind, you can share your happiness and delight with lots of other people around you. The photos and videos taken at the resort will always remind you about the brightness of this time, the endless love and unforgettable emotions.

  5. Getting Married with the Tune of a WaterfallIf you are a romantic adventurer at your heart, a wedding ceremony near one of Bali’s stunning waterfalls will suit you perfectly well. Imagine the atmosphere of this unusual wedding venue with the majestic power of rippling water, and the breath-taking splendor of nature.As Bali has about 8 great waterfalls, and a number of smaller ones, you can pick out a natural venue to your taste and dreams. We are sure you will get thrilling experience and a lot of vivid memories to stay with you throughout your whole life. Get prepared for your love glowing beautifully within the unspoiled Bali’s wilderness to give way to your unforgettable emotions of happiness and joy for every day of life.


Wedding in Bali Cost

You can find offers on wedding ceremonies in Bali on the Internet which differ very much from each other in their cost. The standard Balinese ceremony costs from 900$, and it includes the minimal, basic package for a bride and groom. It can be a small ceremony on the beach or in a lovely chapel.The price for a ceremony on the yacht starts from 3000$.  A beautiful and sentimental wedding ceremony with an arch, in the tropical forest, costs from 2500$.

A wedding ceremony on the villa is one of the most popular packages nowadays. Its price starts from 2500-3500$ depending on the scope of supply for the ceremony.

A ceremony on the beach may vary from the simplest one, with an arch and photo session, from 900$ up to an exclusive ceremony with an individual wedding arbor on the private beach for 2500$.

There are a lot of offers and possibilities. That is why if you want to make up your mind as for the ceremony that is up to your personal needs, write to our expert, and they will be able to advise you with some options and answer all your questions.

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